What Am I Doing Here Anyway, Episode 4: Suicide Prevention Month

What Am I Doing Here Anyway, Episode 4: Suicide Prevention Month

A mock up of a podcast play screen featuring a picture of Lindsey in a blue Suicide Prevention Walk shirt flexing at a blue finish line.


The Fourth Full Length Episode of What Am I Doing Here Anyway

September is Suicide Prevention Month, which is near and dear to me. This episode starts off with a set of affirmations and reminders before getting into heavier topics. If you want some positive affirmations and reminders, listen to the first part of the episode!

For this episode, I briefly chat about mental illness, suicide, the changes we need as a society to prevent suicide, and how we as individuals can take immediate action to support those around us- or how we can get what we need.

Remember, you are loved.

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Lindsey’s Pre-Recording Note

This is a really heavy topic, I know. It’s so near and dear to me, because I lost a family member to suicide. Suicide has touched the lives of- not exaggerating- every person I know. If you’re not in the headspace for this episode, I totally understand. Protect your mental energy. <3

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