About MissHeard Media

Lindsey Turnbull, Founder

Hi, I’m Lindsey Turnbull, the founder of MissHeard Media. I am a ten-year girl empowerment veteran, teen girl expert, and curator. Through MissHeard Media, I help tween and teen girls feel more confident, capable, and empowered so that they can achieve their dreams.

I am creating a world where tween and teen girls feel confident, prepared, and most of all, heard.


I founded this company because I was that teen girl! I was constantly told I had “potential” and always made good grades, but I lacked a supportive community and desperately needed a boost of self-worth.  I work with girls because too often teen girls are not recognized for their brilliance, thoughtfulness, or creativity.

Without MissHeard Media, tween and teen girls will continue to struggle, feeling disconnected and doubting themselves and their abilities. This makes an already tumultuous time even more challenging because girls feel isolated and lack confidence.

But! With MissHeard Media, girls will learn skills that they need to thrive, connect with a global community, and raise their self esteem. This helps every aspect of their lives because girls will have the skills and confidence to achieve their dreams!


MissHeard Media emboldens and empowers tween and teen girls to be smart, savvy, and global through original, international, girl-created media and skills-building live events.

  1. Creating a space where girls feel comfortable to share (online and in person)
  2. Taking teeny, tiny risks by being creative
  3. Practicing a new skill through hands-on activities and games
  4. Reflecting on what we learned through group discussion
  5. Celebrating our new skills!

Through ten guiding principles, I am here to change the lives of the girls we serve. I believe in them and I am excited to show them what they can achieve when they believe in themselves.

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More about Lindsey:

Inspired by the teen girls I worked with in college, I created MissHeard Media.

One day, I’d to live on a planet with teen girls who feel understood and appreciated, coffee that comes from the kitchen tap, and an endless supply of macaroni and cheese.

As a girl advocate with over a decade of experience, I have helped hundreds of girls embrace their most confident, competent selves. Using my background in history and leadership development, I use my research, writing, and presentation skills to create media and workshop experiences for teen girls that Huffington Post said “chang[es] the global narrative for women.”  My ultimate goal is to help teen girls shape the world by encouraging empathy and global savvy.

I hold a Master’s in Public History from the University of Central Florida, as well as bachelor’s degrees in History and Anthropology. In 2018, I was named a ’30 Under 30′ Trailblazing Alum.

When I’m not leading workshops or writing for a teenaged audience, I enjoy intriguing YA or detective novels, admiring famous women from history, or blogging about heavy metal.

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