What Am I Doing Here Anyway? Episode 6: History, Hustle & Community with Kaitlin Calogera

What Am I Doing Here Anyway? Episode 6:
History, Hustle & Community
with Kaitlin Calogera


The Sixth Full Length Episode of What Am I Doing Here Anyway

In this episode, Kaitlin Calogera, founder of A Tour of Her Own, and I talk about some of our mutual faves: history and business! Kaitlin shares how her non-traditional college experience and life in DC helped to shape her interest in history and opens up about a tragedy in her life and how her community stepped up to support her. We also talk a bit about how adding more voices and stories to our understanding of history is good, actually.

Lindsey’s Pre-Recording Note

I’ve been following Kaitlin’s career since she started A Tour of Her Own- I’ve even given a talk at one of her events! A Tour of Her Own is everything I love about history- connection, storytelling, and adding to the tapestry that is our understanding of the past- and that’s all because of Kaitlin’s innovation and dedication. I know you’ll enjoy hearing from her!

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About Kaitlin Calogera:

Kaitlin Calogera is a licensed tour guide, author, and entrepreneur who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. After recognizing a lack of women’s representation in public spaces, she founded the first tourism company in Washington, DC to focus exclusively on women’s history. A Tour Of Her Own (TOHO) was established in 2018 to offer historical tours and special events that reframe the narrative by elevating women’s stories.

Calogera became a professional tour guide because she believes in education beyond the classroom and that tourism has the power to ignite social change. Her book “111 Places in Women’s History That You Must Not Miss” is a travel guidebook that encourages readers to explore sites and stories about women, many who are overlooked in traditional textbooks.

With an extensive background in coaching female student-athletes, Kaitlin’s philosophies center around teamwork, empowerment, and education. As an avid traveler and researcher, she believes in the idea that we all belong but sometimes have to search deeper for the people, places, and stories we connect with most.

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