What Am I Doing Here Anyway? Episode 3: Life After High School

What Am I Doing Here Anyway? Episode 3: Life After High School

The Third Full-Length Episode!

It’s fully back to school time, and you’re already thinking about the end of the year, and maybe the end of high school. Graduating! SNRSZN! There’s a lot of options out there, and it can feel overwhelming. Lots of folks go to college, does that mean you have to too? How do you pay for it?

For this episode of What Am I Doing Here, Anyway? I wanted to share a bit about the options that exist after getting your diploma, how there’s no RIGHT answer or no ONE way to be successful. I also share some information about paying for college, including information from UpgradedPoints.com.

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Grab a pen and your favorite beverage for this one, because I go over a *lot* of information to help you figure out….What Am I Doing After High School Anyway?

Lindsey’s Pre-Recording Note

I was such a bookworm, there’s no doubt I was doing anything but going directly to college. (And then grad school, but that was less of a given!)

I love learning, I love structure, so it made sense to me. But it’s not for everyone…and it’s expensive!

So, let’s talk about OPTIONS besides college and options for paying for college!

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