What Am I Doing Here Anyway, Episode 2: Boundaries and the Arts with Katie Stack

What Am I Doing Here Anyway, Episode 2: Boundaries and the Arts with Katie Stack


A mock up of a podcast play screen. featuring Katie Stack holding a ball peen hammer.

The Second Full-Length Episode!

This episode, I speak with Katie Stack, creative and owner of Stitch & Rivet. She makes the most amazing leather and waxed canvas bags. Katie also talks about having a ~*career in the arts*~ talking to people who say “you’ll never do much with a career in the arts,” and developing boundaries in your daily routine (whether you are a creative or not). Katie also shares why you should always spay and neuter your pets.

Lindsey’s Pre-Recording Note

Katie is a successful, flexible, creative, and tenacious business owner….basically everything I aspire to be. I also know that she’s heard the question “you’re going into the ARTS?!” where arts is more like a dirty word, more than once. I admire her, and I know once you hear from her, you will too!

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About Katie Stack

Katie has made a career out of the arts for the past 20 years. Her career started in professional theatre costume shops as a Costume Craftsperson and Theatrical Milliner and in 2012 she left theatre to pursue her small business, Stitch & Rivet full time. Katie grew up just outside of Orlando, Florida and attended The Theatre School at DePaul University for a dual BFA in Costume Design and Costume Technology.

Katie is married and now lives in a cute little condo just outside Washington, DC, with her husband, two cats, and a lot of house plants.

You can follow Katie on Instagram or check out her goodies at Stitch and Rivet.

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