Making School Memorable & Standing Up for Education by Hajra Salim

Making School Memorable & Standing Up for Education
by Hajra Salim

School is important-but is it really that important? Pulling all-nighters to ace a class test or stressing over the syllabus of your annual examination? Well, yes; this might be the first thing that comes to my mind when it’s about defining school in a sentence. For me, the worst news of the day would be that the summer break is over and also that it’s time for back to school. As I look closely at my personal point of view, I notice that I am wrong and school in reality isn’t that much of a headache. The pressure and low self-esteem that you enter your first day of school with is probably not going to take you anywhere. All I could recommend is that find a purpose to be excited for school; showing my friends my recently bought fancy stationary is what gets me going through those dull hours of school.

Not to brag about it but- I have always been a straight A+ student. Never ever got a single punishment/detention or even got in trouble- maybe that was because I never actually took a chance to have fun. I am that student in class that is mostly quiet, observant and the one that many take as a shy one. But let me tell you, I still don’t like school; even after getting so much love and support from my mentors and teachers. I would say that I don’t hate school and I don’t think anybody else should because even after all the struggles that we all go through (check out the other blogs of this month on MissHeard Media to get a better view over the mutual struggles we all experience) being able to go to school is a blessing and I am fully aware of that.

Attending school may not be my favorite thing to do but believe me when I say I really enjoy it sometimes. For me, education and my family are my first priorities. After tons and tons of hard work of changing my perspective on school, today I believe that education has become my life.  I don’t think I will ever stop learning or educating myself at any stage of my life. Most of the credit goes to my parents, letting me have faith in myself and allowing me to chase my dreams regardless of what others say.  Honestly, I have never ever been pressurized by my parents to either score good or to run after something that I don’t consider worth my interests and I think this part really played a very important role in building a sense of responsibility in myself by my own self. And that is what we all need to discover in ourselves, a little bit of courage, some self-realization, a spoonful of confidence, tinged with patience, heart full of self-love; now spread it all over your personality and examine it as it grooms itself.

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School is very stressful, which may be a universal truth by now but those little portions of wisdom, knowledge and confidence that you bring home from school; trust me it is worth it.  We all understand those heavy bags you carry over your shoulder and those wrinkles that you get every time the teacher announces a surprise test (That is very terrifying actually, speaking from experience) but look at the bright side for once, the joy you get when you see your friends in the hallway waiting for you, those little chit chats during the lectures and those sweet memories that you will once look back to. Let’s make school fun for once.

Search for just a single reason to love school and go with it, you will notice that every day you will wake up with a happy positive vibe around you. Let’s together break our fixated mind sets about school and step out of our bubble to seek light and spread it without hesitation. Let’s share what we learn, most of all let’s fight for education. Let’s together stand to raise awareness on education and to scatter it to those areas of the globe where it is uncommon. So, from today take a small step and highlight this common phenomena that we often seem to neglect. Here’s to a better world. Education FIRST!

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