Make This Year Worth It! by Brittani Dozier

Back to School:
Make This Year Worth it!
by Brittani Dozier

Sunday, August 6th 9:30 PM. The night before I enter my final year in high school. It’s such a bitter sweet moment. I’ve been attending my school for 4 years, and to think I’ll be starting my new life as a college student next year is super nerve-wracking!

With that being said, I am STOKED to be making my last memories. From football games and show choir competitions to late night sonic runs and bonfires with friends; I’m going to miss it all. And as much as I’m going to miss it, I have to remind myself to make every single moment count.

And that’s what I want you all to do. I want y’all to make this year count! Whether you’re a freshman in high school or a freshman in college, make this year worth something. Try something new, make new friends, seek new experiences! Get the most out of it while it lasts.

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I know you hear it from your parents all the time: “Time flies.” But it really does! I remember being a 14 year old girl unsure about who she was or what would come of her 9th grade year as she walked the unfamiliar hallways of West Jones. Now I am a 17 year old senior who is confident in the young woman she’s become due to tackling issues she never thought she’d tackle, joining clubs she never thought she’d join, taking classes she never thought she’d take, and talking to people she never thought she’d talk to.

I’ve learned so much these past 4 years, not only academically, but in life as well. Here’s a few things I’ve learned: people change, it’s okay to be different, friends come and go, education is extremely important, people who support you are everything, and self-confidence is one of the best things you can have in high school.

So I urge you to open yourself to positivity and new opportunities this year. Even if you have to drag yourself out of bed and give yourself a 30 minute motivational speech to get yourself through the year, you walk through those school doors with your head held high and a positive attitude because you honestly never know what is to come.

I hope you all have a great, memorable school year from the bottom of my heart!

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