Video: The Awesomeness of Vision Boards

Video: The Awesomeness of Vision Boards

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Lindsey here!

Although we did not get to have our Vision Board party, I wanted to take a minute to talk about the awesome-ness of Vision Boards.

So- what is a vision board? A vision board is a collage- clipped from magazines, or handdrawn, that lays out your goals and visions for the coming year.

Why is it important? I really like that taking time to make a vision board forces you to sit down and think “What do I want to achieve this year?” If you hang it somewhere visible, it reminds you of your goals every day.

If you’re into intentions, a vision board really helps you to clarify your intention. I think it helps me FOCUS on the main goals I want to achieve so that I don’t get distracted by other “stuff.”

Here’s my vision board. It is divided into personal and professional- and there’s some overlap in the middle. Personally, I am committing to volunteering at a local dog rescue more.

Professionally, I am setting a goal of hosting EIGHT SOLD OUT MissHeard Workshops AND another SOLD OUT SUMMER CAMP.

I’m hanging this above my desk so that every time I sit down to work, I can glance up and see what I need to be doing to make them happen. I also created a daily schedule so that I can stay on track.

What is one thing you want to put on your vision board this year? Tweet us @MissHeardMedia and share!

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