Heal the World, Make It a Better Place by Hajra Salim

Heal the World, Make It a Better Place
by Hajra Salim


Ever felt the rush to make progress for this little bubble that we’re confined in? Ever sensed that re-occurring spark to do something so inspirational, for the world; may be for your own self. Have you ever thought of bringing a positive change to the planet that gave you shelter, protection and other basic necessities; mainly the ones we take for granted. Have you ever felt the urge that you needed to bring out a major change in the world but your hopes, transformed into ashes?

Why, why do we fail when we think about making this world a better place? Why do we feel like our existence and hard work will never bring such an extensive change to our society? Why is that, that the things we say we don’t actually commit to?

Let’s together discover our inhibitions and sort them out right now.

Well, in my opinion; I’d say that we fail at such uplifting motives because we aim too big.  You see, there is nothing wrong with aiming for the last big step but there is everything wrong with neglecting the small steps that are to be taken prior to that last breath of relief. I guess, we are just too busy skipping over the parts where we struggle, learn, stumble, fall, rise and hustle relentlessly. And maybe we are not being able to bring a further significant change in the world because we never discovered how to look for that answer within us.

You know, it’s just that sometimes we see others as a cup filled with flaws up to its brim and ourselves as a sculpture of perfection. Don’t get me wrong, it’s part of the human nature to first draw attention towards somebody else’s imperfections rather than taking a moment and examining ourselves as carefully as we examine others, since you, yes you are the most important person in your life. Know that!

Change yourself for good. For a moment think of the changes that one single deed can bring, (a smile, a sweet compliment, helping somebody or just thinking good about someone etc) an ongoing catalogue of positives vibes right? So, what do you think, how many changes can you bring to this world? Woah, A lot! Trust me.

We want PEACE!
We want LIBERTY!
We want FREEDOM!
We want our RIGHTS!
Most of all, we want JUSTICE!

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There are just so many things that we need to set straight, together, if we want to erase the boundaries and the divisions that are increasing day by day in the human race. We must know how to differentiate between the changes that are to be made in the future and the things that are already promoting a good cause and should continue.

Think about it, think about all the news that you’ve either heard from the television or either some social media source like: Twitter in the past few days. Think deep! Got some things in your mind? Good. Now, I would like you to create two simple columns in your mind palace, where you distribute the good and the bad news. Was there any news about killings, bombings or any other misfortune that could cause harm to human life? I bet there was. Collect all those bunch of heart-wrenching news and place them under the bad news column. In my case, I can see a lot of disasters which are worsening the condition of the present world. Now, what was the best news that you’ve heard or read off of somewhere? Hmm..Umm.. *still thinking*

Got it! Now place the news under the good news column.

Compare both of the sides and examine which part should be improved and which aspect should continue to grow. Examine which one has the most news under it and which one has comparatively less news underneath it… Now, we know what the problems this world is facing are and what great initiatives we need to be grateful for.

Promise yourself, that today for the sake of encouraging and spreading a positive environment, you would take at least one small step for the betterment of your community. You never know who you’re inspiring! So, keep on working hard and now let’s proceed with these small gestures which can have a great impact:

1.) Smile! Start your day with a wide toothy smile. If you are at school, at work or university etc. try to welcome your friends and colleagues with a warm pearly smile. You know what, SMILE! Right now! C’mon on, nobody needs a reason to smile. *smirks*

2.) Be Kind. Need not say more.

3.) Donate something. Either if it’s your old books, stuff toys, clothes or anything that you think others would cherish and need a lot more than you. Go ahead and donate some.
4.) Start with ‘please’, ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’. Learn to say them without feeling self-conscious. It would portray such an exemplary image of yourself while you make others feel super delighted and satisfy your spirit.

5.) Focus on The Good! This tip reflects the infrastructure of positivity like a mirror. Look on the bright side, it is complicated and difficult at first but it is what runs that positive lightning bolt in your veins.

6.) Spread your strength, knowledge. You basically have learnt nothing, if you hesitate to scatter your knowledge. There is always something you know that the person sitting beside you on the bus, does not. So, go on and start a conversation; only if that person is vacant and have not plugged in their ear phones yet (because if you do clutter their mind with some quantum theories, they might want to choose Beyoncé over Albert Einstein… just saying hehe)

7.) Raise awareness on something crucial and quintessential. Let others know about your thoughts, ask those questions that are killing you from curiosity, share your innovations with others and mold them into your inventions. Stand up and speak up! It is perfectly okay, to ask something so random but so important.

8.) Avoid participating in gossips, backbiting or judging someone in general. This might take some time and practice but it’s worth it. Stay focused and detach yourself from the roots of such unnecessary engaging activities.

9.) Show some respect! Very clichéd but very true ‘Treat others the way you would want to be treated’. A golden truth and a key to success!

10.) Follow your dreams and please know that if you are struggling with achieving your dreams and don’t even have the slightest idea where to turn, just have faith in yourself. Trust your instincts. There will be a day when you’ll be looking down upon those little struggles and feeling proud.

We all want to make a difference, do something outstanding or maybe just allow an unprecedented idea to flourish, or maybe we just want to see planet Earth prosper in every single way which, turns out to be beneficial for the entire human race. That’s just beautiful. Let’s start from our own selves and let’s encourage that bulb pop idea to surpass every unwanted division which will ever bring us down. *clenched fists*

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