The Energy I Carry: Five Gifts I Bring to Every Event by Lindsey Turnbull

The Energy I Carry:
Five Gifts I Bring to Every Event
by Lindsey Turnbull
MissHeard Media Founder

A few weeks ago, I sat down and wrote out the ten things I believe about tween and teen girls. These beliefs guide every piece of media I create, every email I send to guest bloggers and Teen Advisors, every workshop I put together.

Looking back on that post, I felt like something was missing. After three weeks of summer camp this year, I thought again about the energy and beliefs I bring into a room when I work with young women (and their families). I came up with this eleventh principle:

When I walk into an event, I want to gift my best self to the people in the room.  

I want to walk in with some Big Me Energy (thanks Courtney Summers!)! I want to be on top of my game! When I walk in confident, open, and giving, girls who come to MissHeard Media events are more likely to receive, to be brave and take risks, and to listen and learn!

When I am ready and open, gifting my best self, attendees gift me *their* best selves in return.

To me, gifting my best self looks like this:

  1. I walk into a room believing that everyone is creative. 

Creativity is a gift that every single one of us possesses. Everyone is naturally creative! I seek to encourage that beautiful gift and find ways for everyone in a room to take small (and large) creative risks in a supportive space. The more we embrace our creativity, the more creative we feel.

Creativity helps us solve problems, grow, and change the world. Everyone has something creative to offer, whether it’s a funny joke, a dance, a song, art, or a new idea.

2. I walk into a room believing that everyone has potential and power. 

Every single person on earth has potential and power. All of us are potential changemakers, leaders, geniuses, innovators. Every single person I have ever met has their own unique power- especially the young women I am fortunate enough to work with!

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3. I walk in believing that everyone has a story to share. 

When you walk into a space knowing that everyone in the room has a valuable story, you are more willing to listen. Through sharing stories, we are better equipped to practice empathy, to understand and relate, and to inspire and educate.

Stories are gifts, and so is a willingness to listen without judgement.

4. I walk in knowing that we all learn differently. 

Some people learn by doing, others by seeing, some by listening. MissHeard Media events are designed so that attendees can process new ideas and thoughts differently. Girls may discuss, write, share, or even do improv in front of a group as a way to better understand a topic.

5. I walk in and come from a place of curiosity. 

The truth is, being a teen today is different than when I was a teen in the 2000s. While some teen truths are universal, there are plenty of differences between my phone-less teen years and the constant connectedness of today (for better of worse). I meet youth where they are and ask questions about their lives. This not only builds trust, but also allows me to best help them deal with the challenges they *actually* face, rather than the ones I may *think* they are facing.

What gifts do you give when you walk into a room?  Tell me in the comments or on social media! @missheardmedia on Twitter, Facebook,Instagram

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