Create.Make.Lead Girl Power Camp Session 3 Recap!

Create.Make.Lead Girl Power Camp Session 3 Recap!
The FINAL session at Cathay Future Center

What a summer it’s been! Last week was the final session of Create.Make.Lead Girl Power camp at Cathay Future Center. This time, we had 8 total campers (and 9 on one day!) and the girls voted for the team name to be the Potatoes.

The girls learned about leadership styles, personal leadership styles, and storytelling. I even dusted off my professor hat and did a little talk about women’s history. At the time, the girls said it was “boring history stuff,” but at the end of the week, nearly every girl shared that the history talk was memorable!

  • Create.Make.Lead Group Photo!
    Our 7 session 3 Campers!

We also talked about identifying and managing emotions. One camper shared afterwards that knowing what emotion she was actually feeling would be helpful in the future and would help her cope better. After a talk about being antsy and anxious for back to school, we made slime! They girls had fun making their own slime from scratch, dying it different colors, and adding their own mix-ins like confetti.

Unfortunately, the campers’ journals were damaged overnight somehow in a freak accident. Understandably, the girls were upset and confused. They channeled that energy into having a mock trial! Everyone had a role to play and they put several people on the stand- and everyone was found guilty. (No one was actually guilty, it was all in good fun!)

Of course, no MissHeard summer camp would be complete without a group poem, and this one is almost absurdist or Dada (a sort of anti-art that came to prominence after World War 1). The campers were asked to freewrite on the topic “what does it mean to be a girl in 2019.”

I want to thank all twenty five campers, the staff and administration at Cathay, and all of the parents (and Michael’s employees!) who made these camps possible. I can’t wait to host the next MissHeard Media event in the winter and I am already excited about summer camps in 2020!

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