Pre-Stress Stress by Darshni Patel

Back to School:
Pre-Stress Stress
by Darshni Patel

For those of us in school of any kind, it is most likely approaching at an uncomfortably quick pace. For me, school starts September 6th. In the meantime, as summer rages on, my current favorite academic pastime has become stressing.  What I am doing right now is what I call pre-stress stress. To further explain this notion, I am stressed about the stress that being a high school junior is going to bring me. I am also stressed about the stress senior me is going to experience. How do I choose colleges? What if I have absolutely no idea of what I want? I have no idea what I am doing right now. I have bits and pieces of what I think my future will look like. I am nowhere close to a comprehensive view of what 2018, 2019, or 2020 will look like. Therefore, certainly not sure what 2030 would look like for me. My occupation? Continuously changing. My major? Undecided. My minor? College? What is that?

Being a the child of first generation immigrants, most of the adults in my life have little to no experience with the American school system, much less college. The information I have strung together from TV shows and counselors seems pretty intimidating and nerve wrecking. As far as I’m concerned, this is what my college experience will look like:

Amongst me and my peers, this plaguing uncertainty is a great cause of panic and concern – constantly. It is a pretty daunting task, approaching this subject completely foreign to me. Change is terrifying. A constant workload of essays and homework is terrifying. However, amongst this uncertainty, what I am certain about is that the experiences will gain throughout the remainder of high school and college is pretty invaluable, that these experiences although utterly terrifying will lead to something good.  I am grateful for the good teachers and the bad, for the lessons my procrastination has taught me, and most importantly the friends I have made. I am optimistic that whatever is in store for me is good. I hope that school comes and goes with ease. And for now, that is enough to calm my nerves about the upcoming year and I hope the same is applicable for you.

Remember as we ease into the school year it is imperative to keep in mind that your mental and physical health should always remain a priority. That test, that homework assignment, that project is not the end all be all. Take things one step at time – set goals, achieve them. This school year is yours – make it yours.

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