Youth Faces of the World: Lindsey Turnbull

One and the Same/Youth Faces of the World:
Lindsey Turnbull

Hello I’m Lindsey. I don’t know if I am a “youth” or an “adult.” Sometimes I feel so determined, especially when I pay bills on time, that I know I’m an adult. But other times, I feel like I should really “have it all together.” I think this is something adults don’t tell young people- either to seem more capable or in an attempt to protect them: No one really has it all together.

I am telling you this as an adult and as a business owner because people need to hear it. I work with teen girls through my company MissHeard Media. MissHeard Media shares stories from girls around the world and we host in-person talks and events.

As part of my work, I remind girls that life is journey, and on a journey, no one really “has it all together.” There are unexpected obstacles, challenges, surprises, and of course, there are successes. It is simply not possible to know what is around the corner without taking a little step of faith. The most important step of any journey is to begin.

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Also, I remind girls that “failure” is an illusion. When we’re on a journey, things happen. Maybe we trip and fall, maybe a tree blocks our path. That doesn’t mean that we can’t get up, dust ourselves off, and go around the obstacle. Even though there will be struggles, we have to keep moving.

Turning back or stopping isn’t an option. Eventually, we’ll know to go around the tree we see in the distance.

MissHeard Media gives girls from all over the world a space to share their own journeys from struggle to success. It’s special because it gives girls the opportunity to connect with others’ life journeys and see that someone else persevered through a similar struggle. Storytelling makes us realize that we are not alone.

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