A Chance to Blossom: Lindsey’s Entrepreneur Journey

MissHeard Media Founder on Bloom Journal
Lindsey shares her entrepreneurial journey

I always knew I wanted to make a mark on the world somehow, someway. I’d shape young minds as a teacher or professor, enact helpful policy as a politician, or write the Great American Novel. What idealistic kid doesn’t want to leave her mark on the world? In college, I decided I wanted to change the world by studying the past.

I busted my butt and earned dual degrees in History and Anthropology. I joined the Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP) as a big sister mentor. The YWLP matched collegiate mentors with middle school girls to build relationships while fostering autonomy, community, and competence. It was truly a life-changing experience; I learned what valuable female friendships were and took on new challenges as I moved up through the ranks, becoming a group facilitator and eventually the program coordinator. Mostly, I learned how amazing, brilliant, funny, and insightful teen girls are. 

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To date, MissHeard has published nine digital magazine issues, maintained a daily blog, grown a large and engaged social media following, and presented workshops to teen girls and parents alike. We’ve developed amazing partnerships, attended some fantastic conferences, and have had opportunities I that I had never imagined.

When I couldn’t find a job after school, it felt like every door slammed shut and bolted in front of me. I felt like an utter failure, but I refused to admit defeat. Down, but never out, I used my toolkit to construct a whole new door. I didn’t fail, I’m simply carving a whole new and exciting path.

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