Introducing: What Am I Doing Here Anyway?! Podcast

Introducing: What Am I Doing Here Anyway?! Podcast


Remember a long time ago…a whole year ago!…when I said I was taking a break from MissHeard Media?

I did. I took a break. I started a new (third) business. I worked. A lot. I’m still working and growing and all that good stuff.

I missed MissHeard Media SO MUCH.

I missed the community. I missed creating and teaching. And cheering you on.

I kind of can’t believe it took me so long to come up with this new idea, because honestly, I love to talk. I love teaching. I love sharing stories with folks. And I ALWAYS have a podcast on.

And so, I’m proud to introduce: WHAT AM I DOING HERE, ANYWAY, a podcast that asks…well, that question, and explores the many, many answers with my friends (amazing badass women + femmes). I’ll also be sharing those crucial life skills in teachable episodes, my own story, and of course, cool women, girls, and femmes in history.


Listen to the trailer of What Am I Doing Here Anyway:


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