What Am I Doing Here Anyway, Episode 1: Peace and Softness with Ve’lyn Crosby

What Am I Doing Here Anyway, Episode 1: Peace and Softness with Ve’lyn Crosby


The First Full Episode!

In the very first full length episode, very first guest Ve’lyn Crosby shares how she came to embrace peace and softness in a world that is often anything but.

Lindsey’s Pre-Recording Note

When I first got the idea to create WAIDHA podcast, Ve’lyn was one of the first guests I thought of because of her kindness and openness, and she certainly embodies both in the episode. When brainstorming with a friend, I mentioned interviewing Ve’lyn, and the friend said “do it, everything in the world is better after talking to her.” I’m inclined to agree! And I know you will too!

About Ve’lyn Crosby

Ve’Lyn Crosby is a Life, Health & Leadership Coach for high-achieving women who want to live more, work less, and experience true fulfillment. She combines the spiritual power of intention and mindfulness with the tangible work of habit formation and lifestyle change to help her clients sustainably achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

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As a former change management consultant, educator, career coach, and dementia caregiver, Ve’Lyn brings the wisdom and training of her personal and professional experiences into her coaching containers. Her clients describe her as “a calming presence” and “a compassionate and empowering guide.” Ve’Lyn takes great pride in creating safe spaces for women who are ready to cultivate deeper authenticity, inner peace, joy, gratitude, and ease in their daily lives.

Ve’Lyn is a proud Alumna of Spelman College and holds a Master of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. She is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a certified Spiritual Life Coach, and a Co-Active Trained Leadership Coach. Ve’Lyn welcomes all invitations to connect on a heart level and may be reached via her websitescheduling page, or via email.


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