Pressure in a Teenager’s World by Brittani Dozier

Brittani Dozier, TAB

Pressure in a Teenager’s World
by Brittani Dozier


Most people in the world want to fit in and get along with their peers, which is fine because that’s who we are as humans. We crave acceptance. However, society has thought us that conformity equals acceptance. I say it’s time to lose that mindset. No one should have to do, say, or believe in something that they disagree with just to be accepted. Sadly, over 90% of teens and adolescents have faced peer pressure at least once in their life.

I took it upon myself to interview a girl named Madilyn to see what her experiences with peer pressure have been like. Within this interview I asked Madilyn five questions hoping to cover enough surface of the topic.

  1. What is your personal definition of peer pressure?“Peer pressure is peers pressuring you to do things they do or things that they think are “cool” to do.”
  2. Could you tell me about your first encounter with peer pressure.“To this day I only wear skinny jeans because all of my friends made fun of me for wearing boot cut jeans while they all wore skinny jeans when we were younger.”
  3. Do you believe in “positive peer pressure”“No, positive things are not pressured on people. They’re encouraged.”
  4. Do you think peer pressure is a fact of life or can it be avoided?“I think it can be avoided if you surround yourself with people who genuinely love you and want the best for you.”
  5. Are teenagers the only ones affected by peer pressure?“No, not at all. For instance, adults are pressured to cheat on their spouses and small children are pressured to fit in.”


Madilyn’s responses made me realize that it’s never too late to return to yourself and to stay true to yourself. We CAN break the cycle of negative peer pressure!

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