Meditation and Mantra Routine for Young Women

Meditation and Mantra Routine for Young Women
by Lindsey Turnbull

HEY! Stop what you’re doing and try this:

Take a deep breath. BIG inhale. Hold it and count to four. Now a long, slow exhale while you count to eight. Do that for one whole minute. Maybe even close your eyes.

Now, relax your shoulders. Push them back down where they belong, away from your ears. Unclench your jaw and your fists. Relax your tummy and your thighs and your butt. Let your feet rest on the floor or the bed. Scan your body from head to toe and give each muscle gratitude (thank you muscles!) and permission to relax. Feel the floor, your chair, your bed, totally supporting you while you do this. Gently wiggle your fingers and toes. Move your neck in slow circles.

Slowly stand up. Take a little adventure to the nearest mirror. Look yourself right in your sparkling eyes and say “I am beautiful. I am capable. I love myself.” Say it *aloud.* Say it more than once. Say it until you know it with all the depth and power of your soul. With the whole of your being. So that every single atom inside you knows too.

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Bookmark this link post and repeat this routine at least once a day. See how much dedicating and investing just five minutes in yourself changes you in just seven days. Commit to seven days and invite a friend or family member to try too!

After seven days of commiting to this routine, look back and see how it helped.

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