5 Times to Channel Your Inner Superhero!

5 Times When You Should Be Able to Channel Your Inner Superhero and 4 ways to tap into your superpowers!

Wonder Woman, Storm is your shero, or Kamala Khan is more your speed, there are plenty of times when you can benefit from harnessing your inner superhero! Here are a few times when a superhero boost can help:

  1. When you feel like the world is weighing you down.

Superheros are made to soar! Our daily stresses and emotions can bog us down and make it difficult for us to fly. When we channel our inner superhero, we let go of what weighs us down so that we can ascend to the heights we are meant to.

  1. When you feel like you can’t make a difference

We know more than ever about issues facing our country and our world. This means more activists and changemakers are dedicated to making a difference- but knowing about so many of the world’s ills can leave us feeling powerless.

What is a superhero if not a powerful warrior? When we channel our inner Storm, we see the ways our actions make a difference, and we feel empowered to make change in the best ways we can, locally, nationally, and even internationally.

  1. When you feel like you don’t like yourself very much

Everyone, even Wonder Woman, has moments when she doesn’t feel like her most confident self. With a Superhero Mood Boost, we can reflect on what makes us feel powerful and give ourselves a pep talk. That positive energy can change our moods.

  1. When you are facing a challenge

Giving a speech in front of a group? Asking your parents for more allowance? Big game coming up? Need to courage to ask out that cute person? Having a really rough day?

Summoning your inner America Chavez can give you the strength you need to face your challenges, and the confidence to know you’ll be OK even if it doesn’t go the way you hoped.

  1. Just because

Make your average day better with a little sprinkle of superhero goodness. Why have a Tuesday when you can have ~*Tuesday*~!

4 Ways to Harness Your Inner Superhero! 

Strike a pose! 

Studies suggest that standing like a superhero, with your feet wide and hands on your hips, can boost your confidence. Does it work? There’s some scientific debate on how much a superhero pose can alter your mood. That said, standing tall and proud definitely gives off that “I’m confident, I got this” vibes.

Focus on your power! 

You have an inner power and magic all your own. Think of a time when you felt the most confident. Picture yourself in that scenario for a few moments, remembering what you did, how you carried yourself, and sit for a minute with how powerful you felt. Reflecting on your power can give you the boost you need!

Compliment yourself! 

You have so many positive qualities: you are kind, smart, friendly, open, honest, giving, caring, loyal, funny, adventurous, determined, and so much more. Pick three of your best qualities and compliment yourself, out loud. It may feel silly, but it’ll also remind you of your excellence.

Let it go! 

In order to soar, we need to let go of some of our baggage. Let go of old grudges. Let it out by running, meditating, writing a letter to someone who hurt you and ripping it up, and drop it for good.

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Host a MissHeard Superhero Workshop! 

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