We Need You! Looking for Teen Advisory Board Members

We Need You!
Looking for Teen Advisory Board Members

Ambassadors are a crucial part MissHeard team and help spread the word about our online and IRL communities! You can make a big difference in just an hour or two. Are you a fan of MissHeard Media? We’re looking for some great girls who are going places to help spread the word about MissHeard Media’s blog.

  • Are you a teen girl who plays a sport, is part of a club, and/or is outgoing?
  • Do you want to help elevate girls’ voices?
  • Are you looking for a short-term volunteer opportunity?

You will be asked to:

  • Receive MissHeard fliers in the mail
  • Share fliers in your class/on your team/in your community
  • Post about MissHeard on social media
  • Snap a few photos so we can admire and share your work!
  • Share ideas for improving MissHeard

You will get :

  • A hand-written thank you letter and recognition on social media
  • Volunteer hours upon request
  • Priority consideration on Teen Advisory Board applications

We need your help to give girls’ voices a platform! If YOU want to help, please send an email to
hello @ missheardmedia.com (remove spaces) with the following info:

  • Name/Age/Grade/City
  • Twitter/Instagram/YouTube Handle
  • Ideas for places in your community to share MissHeard
  • What would you like to see on MissHeard?
  • Why do you want to be an ambassador?

Please send all materials to hello @ missheardmedia.com (without spaces) by Friday, January 5th! Include Ambassador in the subject line.

Teen Advisory Board

You’ve followed our amazing Teen Advisors, now it’s time to join the team. We’re looking for some awesome, diverse girls to share their experiences, likes, dislikes, goals, and hobbies to help us make sure we have the best blog ever. It’s a pretty lofty goal. The time commitment can vary, but you should expect to contribute 1-2 hours a month, which you can list on your college applications and resumes!

  • Are you a teen girl, between the ages of 12 and 19?
  • Do you want to connect with other awesome girls and women?
  • Do you want share your voice through a platform for and by teens?
  • Do you want to help shape a small business?
  • Can you commit to volunteering for at least 6 months (12 is preferred), on your schedule?

What can you expect (besides working with a group of awesome girls)? You will be asked to:

  • Contribute, on your schedule, original posts to the MissHeard blog on unique themes each month
  • Receive and incorporate feedback from the editor
  • Share your published posts via social media
  • Share ideas to improve MissHeard

Writing monthly articles for MissHeard has truly caused me to think critically about my place in society and how I can use my voice to help others, and I’ve loved receiving your feedback.  – Alina W.

You will get:

  • The opportunity to share your story with thousands of girls, women, & organizations globally
  • Join a wonderful community with access to our private Group.Me & Facebook Group
  • Writing samples/portfolio
  • A contribution you can include on your resume/college application
  • Volunteer or service learning hours for school/scholarships/classes, upon request
  • A letter of recommendation (upon request and successful completion of your commitment)

If you’re interested in shaping a company by sharing YOUR voice, please send an e-mail to
hello @ missheardmedia.com (without the spaces) with the following info:

  • Name
  • E-mail Address and Twitter/Instagram/YouTube Handle
  • Age/Grade/City
  • Do you participate in any clubs or activities? If so, which?
  • What themes would you like to see on MissHeard Media?
  • What skills do you feel you need to improve?
  • Why do you want to be part of our teen advisory board?
  • Are you interested in being in charge of a bi-weekly news round up? We are looking for one person to share the most interesting news related to women and girls every other week! This is a new and exclusive position.

Please send all materials to hello @ missheardmedia.com (without spaces!) by Friday, January 5th! Include Teen Advisory Board in the subject line.

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