Real-Life Rad Girl: Humna Raza

Real-Life Rad Girl: Humna Raza
PositiveVibesOnly Lifestyle Blogger
by Hajra Salim

Little things make a HUGE difference and shedding light on those exquisite little moments requires some effort. Humna Raza is a twenty-three year old lifestyle blogger who started being vocal about her thoughts of shaping the world in early 2016. She covered a great variety of topics: Travel, Food, Fashion and Wardrobes, Events, Lifestyle and much more. Ms. Raza became a social media sensation in Pakistan, after working exceptionally hard on reflecting the societal norms and breaking the stereotypes through her blogs that suggest to ponder upon #smallthingsthatmatter.  As a Vlogger and YouTuber, she utilizes the platforms for imposing the #POSITIVEVIBESONLY discussing the small yet meaningful things that she has learnt over the tenure of her adolescence to her practical life; Humna is a dentist by profession. Humna also, recently gave her first TedX, influencing and guiding people, mainly teenagers, through this journey.

Humna, from her website,

Can you please tell us a bit about your early life?
A: My father was in the army so I spent my childhood moving through big and small towns, and getting to know all kinds of people, switching schools and meeting new people everywhere. It was the most fun I’ve ever had because my brother and I found lots of friends and things to do in our neighborhood because of living in fun, gated communities. So I’ve grown up in all sorts of places, doing all sorts of adventurous things, and traveling with family.

Starting from Snapchat to Instagram and now you are a YOUTUBER! What inspired you to be vocal about small things that matter?
That’s a good question. It was the goodness of people that chose to be patient and resilient in difficult times that inspired me to talk about small things that matter, gratitude, self-love and positive thinking. I saw that it was possible to change your situation by changing the way you think. I wanted to talk about starting with yourself, to make a big change.

What keeps you motivated when it comes to writing your blogs?
A: Haha the truth is, I’m not always motivated. It’s tough work and requires a lot of space and time to think. My passion to spread positive ideas is what keeps me going!

What struggles did you had to face (or still have to) during this journey of yours, as a blogger?
A: There are endless struggles when it comes to blogging. You need to get pictures for your written material, ideas to market yourself and your work, but the biggest struggle has to be getting a team together and finding people to work with you! I’m still struggling with that. I also struggle with managing blogging with my personal/social life because it’s really difficult to keep it all together especially since I’m married! Blogging is easier when it hasn’t become too successful, haha. Once you reach the 100k mark, you need help. It’s no more a one man’s job. Or part time. It’s a full time job and you can’t do it alone.

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What is the best part of being one of the most influential people on social media in Pakistan?
The best part about it is being able to inspire people and actually be able to let the world know things you really want it to know. Sometimes you wish the world looked at things a certain way and you finally have the power to be able to bring those things up and help people think along those lines. And besides that, just putting things out there that someone really needs to hear, and then have them come and tell you that it managed to change their life is the best part. To be able to help, to be able to change, to be able to heal, and to be able to create!

 Almost everyone, following you on social media; can relate to your blogs on a personal level. So, what has been your main focus when it comes to creating new and original content?
A: To talk about relatable things. To appear more natural than unrealistic. To pay attention to what the followers say and ask for and give them exactly that. For example, some followers follow me for my thoughts and my words, while others follow me for my lifestyle, fashion etc. Whatever they really want to know from me, I try to give them as much information while trying my best to keep it real.

 Why do you think it is important for women to get themselves representation in the world?
Female representation is necessary in EVERY area because they need to be seen as more than just pretty faces. Their opinions, their work, and their knowledge in all things must be acknowledged for them to taken more seriously. This eventually leads them to be more empowered and more valued in society.  Their representation will earn them their right to be respected in whatever they choose to do, and in whatever role they play (at home or outside)!

Humna, from her website,

 How do you think one can make most out of their teenage years?
A: Explore. Create. Innovate. The freedom you have while you’re young to explore and spend your energy doing ANYTHING is limitless. Becoming an adult means responsibilities, liabilities and practicalities. While you’re a teenager you can experiment without worrying if it’ll help you make money or not! It is the best time to spend your time, energy and thoughts in finding out what you really love and what you’re really good at. The best way to spend your energy as a teenager is to let yourself learn skills you wish you had. When you grow up, you don’t have time for extra skills/hobbies. It’s the truth.

Where can people find you?
A: Everywhere! Lolol. I’m all over the place!

 What message would you like to convey to the audiences of MissHeard Media?
A: The one thing I truly believe in: you have to start somewhere to get somewhere. Any dream starts small. Any journey starts with the first step. And for that you only and only need true commitment and honesty to NO ONE but yourself. So start with yourself 🙂

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