VIDEO: To Do Lists, Calendars, and Being Organized

VIDEO: To Do Lists, Calendars, and Being Organized
by Lindsey Turnbull

I’m coming to you live from my house! Hi, I’m Lindsey Turnbull, the founder  and owner of MissHeard Media, a company that empowers girls through our international community blog and skills building live events. Today I want to talk about to-do lists and organizing. No! Being Organized! To-do lists and being organized.

If you’re like me, you do a lot of things and you have a lot on your plate and you love a to-do list. I have two to-do lists at any given moment. I also have three- no FOUR- separate calendars that I use. My phone, my day planner that travels with me, a calendar above my desk, and a kitchen calendar that I share with my partner. I love a good to-do list and being organized.

I wanted to talk a bit about how important it is to use a planner or journal or notebook to stay on track. Before I get there, I want to say that yes, I will be talking about the Girl Powered Planner and it’s super exciting to talk about it after midterms, where we saw so many historic firsts from women. The first Muslim women, Native Women, etc. elected to Congress. A college classmate of mine is the first Iranian American to be elected to the Florida state house. Congrats Anna, I’m so proud!

If you want to celebrate other amazing first for women, the Girl Powered Planner offers 365 days of amazing women and is available through our website and Shopify store.

Like I said, if you’re like me, you like to be organized and you probably already have a planner. But if not, getting a planner is a great first step to staying organized and on top of your meetings, appointments, and homework. The key to staying organized and on top of things is to get a planner and just use it. It’s a little bit of a habit that can take time to build, but it is so, so worth it. You won’t be rushing or late for things, or remembering what you have coming up.

Whenever you get a new appointment, exam, or project due, just take out your planner and write it down. Right away. Not only is that helpful in three weeks when you want to remember what’s coming up, but just the act of writing something down can help you remember it. It helps your brain retain the info. Which is why it’s important to take notes. It’s why some professors encourage students to handwrite notes instead of type them, because writing is good for memory retention.

That is a 101 on planners! I want to show you the inside of the MissHeard Media planner.** As you can see, it’s printed in color. There’s a ton of space for each day as well as your facts of the day- something interesting, exciting, a self-care tip, a book to read…this is about girl-owned businesses. This is the part that I wanted to focus on. We have a goals for the week, which your goals shift, every week. If your goal was to make the soccer team, and tryouts were last week, that’s not a goal anymore. You can write down the things you want to accomplish.

**NOTE: This video shows the 2019 planner, the 2020 planner is a little smaller, with a slightly different layout AND has all the same good stuff- and even more!  

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We also have the affirmation of the week, which is a positive statement you tell yourself. It’s a way to  train your brain to think more positively. For one week, maybe, if you have a lot of exams, your affirmation would be “I am acing my exams.” Then, every time you open your planner to look at your study schedule, you’ll see that affirmation, “I am acing my exams.” It tricks your brain to think positively so that by the time you take your exam, you’re already thinking of how great you’ll do.

I also like this month at a glance feature. This is this week. Maybe you circle Thanksgiving to remember you won’t have school Maybe you cross off the days that have happened. There’s a ton of blank space, which means there’s more room to write about what matters to you.

That’s my pitch! Not only is the planner super cool because it talks about historic women and girls, but it’s also incredibly practical and functional. It’s designed in part by someone who has two to-do lists and four calendars! I promise you, if you want to get organized, this will be a great place to start. You can get a planner here!

If you have questions, I am embracing the phone this week. As an anxious introvert, the phone isn’t always my friend, but I want to work on it. Please, if you have questions, call me at (407) 602-8347 and I’ll answer all your questions and we can chat about this beautiful weather. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your week!

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