New Year for Self-Love by Grace Schoettmer

New Year for Self-Love
by Grace Schoettmer

Every year starting on January 1st I hear the same thing, “new year, new me.” When I talk to my peers I hear what their new resolutions are, they usually go something like this. “I am going to go on a crash diet to get off this winter fat” or “I am going to go to the gym every day for spring break so guys think I’m hot and other girls will be jealous.” These are a few of many of the “resolutions” I hear from the girls that surround me. My question is why does losing weight so appealing for girls in high school? Why isn’t improving your character or the person you are more of a priority?

Making goals of losing a certain amount of weight or trying to look “skinny” often ends up in eating disorders. Sometimes worse if you are an athlete with a demanding workout schedule. It has shown that women in general tend to tell people who they are through relationships where men tend to tell people who they are through personal achievements. Instead of letting what other people think affect how we live our lives, we should focus on ourselves and work on our self-love. We should not make resolutions out of jealousy we should make them to better ourselves.

Instead of making resolutions to make yourself better for other people here are some example of resolutions to work on yourself.

  • Don’t procrastinate this year for school
  • Spend more time with family
  • Expand your views of the world by volunteering to help people
  • Meet new exciting people
  • Reduce stress in life
  • Learn to live a happier lifestyle
  • Read more adventurous books

I hope in the future when you make these resolutions that you keep in mind that you are a beautiful person. Self-love is so important in today’s society that tries to change the picture of what beauty really is.

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