VIDEO: Stamps, Election Day, and Life Skills

 VIDEO: Stamps, Election Day, and Life Skills
featuring Lindsey Turnbull, MissHeard Media founder



As you all know, and have probably heard, nonstop for weeks: it’s midterm election time. During midterm elections, all House of Representative seats are up for grabs, some Senators are seeking re-election and many states will determine their governor.  With so many issues at stake, it’s super important for everyone who can, to make their voices heard by voting.

Recently, I came across an article lambasting young folks for not voting by mail because they don’t know how to mail things. And yes, some (but not all!) states require postage to vote by mail, but that’s a whole other conversation.

I saw a lot of my peers and friends getting understandably upset (ok, and laughing) because everyone knows how to mail stuff, right? But then I thought about it- how many people (besides me) actually send snail mail letters? Bills are paid online, people order things for delivery. Amazon even has its own delivery force. When I had to make weekly trips to the post office for my job, I only ever saw people around the holidays, and even then, it was mostly elderly people. For the most part, there is little reason to actually go to the post office.

When I worked with tween girls nearly a decade ago, many of them did not know how to properly address an envelope. Why did I assume that things would change? That of course, somewhere along the way, everyone would learn how to do these seemingly basic things….that was MY mistake. As a society, we rarely send physical mail. If we never model or teach this behavior, how do we expect young people to learn?

True, they could Google it. But I imagine many young folks assume they should know how to do these things and feel slightly embarrassed or off-put when they don’t.

If you’re one of those young people, please go to the post office and buy a FOREVER stamp. They cost 49 cents. When you get a forever stamp, it is good forever, even if the price of a stamp goes up. After you’ve put the address in the center, and the return address (your address) in the upper left hand corner, put that forever stamp on the upper right hand corner of the envelope and stick it in an outgoing mailbox. Ta-da! it’s super simple!

Not only is this an important skill for voting, but sending physical mail comes in handy when you need to mail a resume, sample of your work, or portfolio, send a thank you card, or enjoy some good old “vintage” snail mail. (It’s fun, seriously, try it.)

I’ll be teaching basic correspondence skills in MissHeard Media’s upcoming How To 101: Life Skills crash course workshop. I am including this skill, even if letter writing is a dying art, even if we can do most things online, because it still comes in handy when you need to send in a mail ballot, mail your granny a thank you card, or send a physical copy of something (for example, when someone needs the original, hard copy of a signed and notarized document).

There are still plenty of spots available in the How To course, which is on December 8th at Joe’s Movement Emporium from 10a-4p. Each student will get a take-home reference book, lunch and snacks, a certificate of completion, AND a girl powered planner to start 2019 off right.

[NOTE: The next How To 101 retreat is April 6th, 2019 from 10a-4p at Joe’s!]

Head on over to to grab a seat. Can’t wait to see you there!

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