Three Pillars of MissHeard Media

Three Pillars of MissHeard Media
by Lindsey Turnbull

MissHeard Media was founded based on the belief that young women & femme-identifying people are powerful and are stronger together; that young women armed with empathy and compassion will (and are) changing the world for the better. MissHeard Media exists to support young women on their journeys by helping them to feel:


MissHeard Media teaches life skills ranging from budgeting to taxes to mental health to emotional regulation so that every young woman feels like she is ready to thrive in high school and beyond.


MissHeard Media supports personal development and growth so that young women know and trust themselves in any situation she may face.


At its core, MissHeard Media is about creating a compassionate community so that every girl feels connected to others across the globe and knows that she is not alone!

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