State of the Girl: Far Enough? by Chloe Hughes

State of the Girl:
Far Enough?
by Chloe Hughes

We have come so far, yet at what point will we be satisfied? We have women as presidential nominees, senators, CEOs, lawyers, doctors and in essentially every field; when will we be satisfied? Men keep asking me when it will be enough for me- when I’ll be satisfied with what we as women have achieved.

I do not have a clear answer. Maybe I’ll be satisfied when the breakdown of power looks like the breakdown of our society- when people of color and women hold a representational amount of power. When achieving something does not go against what people believe of my gender. When it is not an anomaly for women to be in charge. Maybe when sexual harassment is not the norm. Or when there is no need for the word feminist, when it is simply those who are ‘normal’ and those who are sexist.

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I do not think that we have come far enough. Though I am proud of the motions made by the women now and before, we have not come far enough. We must create a change in our society. We need to recognize that women make up roughly fifty-one percent of the population and forty-four percent of the labor force, yet only twenty-nine percent of executives and two percent of all CEOs. Though we have come far, we have not come far enough.

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