Overcoming Obstacles: Facing Stage Fright by Kira Taylor

Overcoming Obstacles:
Facing Stage Fright
by Kira Taylor

All throughout life we deal with obstacles; some are small while others are huge. Sometimes we are given more challenges at once to see how good we can handle them, to show how strong we really are. These challenges we face are what makes us who we are.

For example, losing touch with friends/acquaintances that were toxic is tough. At first, it may be hard to notice that those around you are unhealthy for you. Society can make you think at times that if you aren’t strong, then you are weak and if you are strong then you are showing off. In reality it can be the total opposite. Sometimes people don’t try as hard as they should because they are afraid of failing and/or disappointing someone that has high expectations. If you never step out of your comfort zone, then you will never see what the outcome will it be- and you may even miss something spectacular. Trust me, I am not saying you have to do something extravagant; it can literally be as small as applying to a job for the first time or doing something adventurous like a zipline that gets your heart going fast from all the exhilaration of excitement and achievement.

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For me, one of my biggest fears that I overcame was stage fright. When I was in 6th grade, my chorus teacher asked on the first day for someone to come up and sing a song of their choice. I was the person who decided to come up. All I remember was slightly putting my hand, hesitating a little, so I put it back down. My teacher saw me and asked if I would come up. I couldn’t say no, plus I really wanted to go up, even though I was extremely nervous. I walked up to the pedestal and asked to put “Pray” by Justin Bieber on because I was extremely touched by the song and the music video showing how people all around the world are affected from hurricanes, poverty, diseases, etc. I remember visualizing all the items that were in the video while singing; I just felt so comfortable.

Everything stopped while I was singing, yes I still saw everybody’s wandering eyes and looks but I did not care because of how I got up and conquered my fear of singing in front of people other than my family and in elementary chorus shows. They all cheered and from that moment on I knew I wanted to perform. I wouldn’t have discovered my passion for performing if it was not for that little bit of courage I had to do something I have never done before by myself.

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