Monet’s News Round Up: Money Edition

Monet’s News Round Up: 7/30-8/10
Money Edition
by Monet Lindstrand

Monet shares her biweekly news picks, handpicked for you. If you want to stay informed on issues related to race and gender, here’s three great places to start.

  1. Despite Progress, Black Women Are Paid Only 62.5% of What Men Make. Here’s How to Fix That

This article by Time magazine is about how despite the progress we have made, black women are still paid significantly less than men. The piece goes on to explain that the only way to fix this is by getting our government representatives to support the cause and that we can achieve this by coming together and voting for those who are willing to support equal pay.

2. New Campaign Raises Awareness of the Pay Gap for Black Women

This piece by Forbes is also about the pay gap that black women experience. It discusses an organization called #38percentcounts, who compile videos and testimonials from real women who talk about how just being paid 38% more (having equal pay) would drastically improve their lives.

3. With Supreme Court poised to change, how to talk to your daughter about abortion

This article by the Chicago Tribune talks about the “taboo” topic of abortion, one that has become very present in the media lately due to President Trump’s proposed GAG rule. The piece discusses the necessity behind parents discussing abortion with their daughters, particularly as an option if they ever were to get pregnant.

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