Monet’s News Round Up: 7/7-7/20

Monet’s News Round Up

Our news-round-upper Monet handpicks three articles highlighting girls and women from around the world. Keep up with the news and read these articles this weekend:

  1. Sandra Oh Is the First Asian Woman to Be Nominated for a Best Actress Emmy

This piece by Time magazine is about Sandra Oh, who was recently the first Asian woman to be nominated for a “best actress Emmy”. In the article, Oh herself talks about the barriers she has faced on her journey to this point, and the troubles that Asian women often face in the film world.

2. Serena Williams’ ‘Played for the Moms’ Speech at Wimbledon Had Royals Near Tears

In this moving article by Glamour, the well known, and very talented, tennis player, Serena Williams is discussed. The piece talks about her most recent match, which she lost. However, what makes it so special is that afterwards she gave a moving speech about how she was playing for the mom’s in the crowd, as she had just recently become one herself. It proved that even mothers can be strong and athletic, while being good moms to their children.

3. These Women Were Told Not to Play Soccer. Instead They Formed a Team.

This article by the New York Times is about a group of Muslim women from Zanzibar who form 6 all women soccer teams in order to begin their own tournament and fight the sexism that influences sports in the area.

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