Looking Ahead, Dreams for the Future: Share your story!

Looking Ahead, Dreams for the Future:
Share your story!

It’s December! The year is wrapping up and we’re starting to plan for 2020! Time for vision boards, planning sessions, resolutions, and hopefully, a little break where you can reflect on 2019.

A new year is like a fresh slate. A clean calendar. 365 brand new days to start something wonderful. How will you use them?


Want to share, but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some ideas and questions to spark inspiration!

  • What is one goal or dream you have for the future? For the future of the world?
  • How will you achieve a goal in 2020?
  • Is the New Year important to you? Why or why not?
  • Share a goal or dream for the future.
  • Share a personal story about achieving a goal or having a dream
  • Feature a youth-led movement
  • Interview or feature a youth leader
  • Make a playlist
  • Analyze a TV show, movie, or other piece of pop culture
  • Something else entirely! The sky’s the limit- we love to hear and share all kinds of ideas.

We invite you to share articles, interviews, listicles, personal essays, art, poetry, photography, playlists, music- whatever format helps you share your thoughts.

Please send your submission, along with a short, 1-2 sentence bio, and a photo (optional) to hello at missheardmedia dot com! You can also use the CONTACT tab.


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