Introducing the Media Detective Kit!

Introducing the Media Detective Kit!
by Lindsey Turnbull

I see you, informed girl! You follow every social justice account on IG, you try your best to keep up with the news, and you want to inspire others to be as passionate as you are.

You want to be seen as a trustworthy and reliable source of information, not someone who is always apologizing for sharing bad intel.

You are a leader! And that role comes with responsibility: the responsibility to share accurate information, online and off!

It can be hard to separate fact from fiction online, especially when you’re connected to every piece of information in the world, at once.

Media Detective is here to help you step into your role as a news sleuth!

Becoming a Media Detective will help you become a savvy news-reader, ready to sniff-out and stop:

*troll emoji* internet trolls and bots,
outright liars,
and misinformation

in the battle of truth versus lies!

Are you ready to step into these detective shoes?

I’m here to guide you! I studied and analyzed hundreds of sources for my history degrees, I am an expert in source analysis and a skilled critical thinker! I will teach you the No-Bullsh*t way to determine if something is true, kinda true, or just plain BS.

You’ll learn how to fact-check what you read online, making you the go-to person for all things current events and sharpen your BS-detector so that you never share misinformation, amplify bad actors, or outrage share again.

In the battle of truth versus lies, you will always fall on the side of truth, feel confident about what you are reading and sharing, and be a life-long news detective!

Media Detective is a self-paced journey through the Media Detective Kit. Media Detective includes real-life headlines and as such, some difficult and upsetting themes, especially for younger detectives. I would recommend Media Detective for those aged 16+.