For June, Tell the World What Beauty Means to You

Self Love Summer: What Beauty Means to Me
For June, Tell the World What Beauty Means to You
Self-Love Summer
Looking for Submissions!

Every culture has its own standard of what is beautiful, inside and out. We know that standards of beauty (especially in America) are often rooted in racism, colorism, ageism, ableism, sizeism, patriarchy, and heterosexuality.

We’ve also seen tons of amazing girls, women, and non-binary folks define beauty for themselves, for example, Keah Marie’s #DisabledandCute shows the world that people with disabilities are beautiful and worth celebrating. Indian model Harnaam Kaur rocks a full beard due to her PCOS, and is absolutely stunning.

Hundreds more girls and women are celebrating their natural beauty- and that includes acne, stretch marks, freckles, natural hair, small chests, disabilities, dark skin, natural body hair- bodies and features that have, by and large, not been considered “traditionally beautiful.” We are here for it!

While some say that social media puts extensive pressure on girls to look a certain way, there’s also never been a better time to have access to diverse and plentiful representations of women, girls, and female-identifying folks celebrating their beauty.

This June, we want to hear what beauty means to you: on the outside, on the inside, and everything in between.

We invite you to share articles, interviews, personal essays, art, poetry, photography, or music- whatever format helps you tell your story on BEAUTY and what it means to you.

Please send your submission, along with a short, 1-2 sentence bio, and a photo (optional) to hello at missheardmedia dot com!

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