Financial Literacy: The Importance Of A Balanced Life by Hajra Salim

Financial Literacy:
The Importance Of A Balanced Life
by Hajra Salim

Hey, am I the only one here having a hard time keeping a balance, in general?

Balance in life seems like one of the most impossible things for me, ever. Why is that?

Let’s start off with the reminder that nobody has it all under control, but a moderately satisfied and balanced life is no myth in today’s world. Multi-tasking and juggling between ambitions, careers, and jobs because of endless opportunities is a skill. It almost feels obligatory to move with a consistent equilibrium in life these days, those who fail to do so are never categorized as ‘successful people.’ I feel like the more I emphasize the need for all of us to have a balance in life,  our everyday responsibilities or life-changing decisions, it will never be enough because there is no shortcut. It is like you must satisfy social norms and standards, whether you like it or not. THAT requires hard work, persistence and thrice the effort you are putting in now. I know, I know it’s easier said than done but it will be worth it! Trust me  yourself through this!

The accomplishments of adolescence and early adulthood years are mainly judged by versatility. The uniformity of your pace and financial work ethic are two factors that determine a lot about your aspirations and pave a way for you to flourish. Decision making is a conundrum situation for me because of the questions, I have to figure out on the spot while reasoning the future- of which god knows what is- and the past, holding all the record of the experiences consequences and present- which shall bear the fruit and impact what is to come. The most convenient conclusion is to mainly focus on what presently feels right. Decisions never leave. Every step is a decision and to make each one wisely is a chore. In the end, the ones you mess up, don’t worry about those. They will only make your Tedx longer. *fingers crossed*

Why is it important to have a balance?

Pivotal aspects of life must be carried out. After all, as a citizen and as a human, you must carry out responsibilities like fetching some time for your family, staying aware of global affairs, taking part in community activities, gathering knowledge, constructing a present worth living- all while doing the same for others, and the list hardly ever ends. Some responsibilities might be more important to you, based on your values. Whereas some might seem a little unnecessary, some require a lot of time, and other duties require just a moment to be done with. Less time or more, less effort or more; every shade of life is vital and a balanced life is vital. Just like working relentlessly for a test is much appreciated, but if you are sacrificing sleep then that is not an option. It is the balance we all are looking for.

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Balance can be discussed thoroughly but there’s one specific balance due to which is lacking  in numerous people, organizations,and countries: Financial Literacy. WHY ARE WE NOT TAUGHT THIS IS IN SCHOOL?

Quite often, saving money is praised among young children, rather than spending money on the things they like, which seems quite unbalanced to me. If we don’t appreciate the equality of spending and saving money, we have to sacrifice successfully carrying out either one. Saving money is a much-appreciated habit of mine, which means that I will only spend on buying novels, story books and anything that comes under the aesthetics of a reader and a writer and nothing else. Eventually, I started refraining from buying too many books unless I completed the bundle I have at home and got issued from the library which means that I was spending my pocket-money on nothing. It seems like the right thing at first, but is actually quite unfair. It is erasing the sense of buying and all the learning that comes with it. The only point that I am trying to make here is that we need to eradicate this stereotype of ‘saving money is better than spending on something that makes you happy.’ Go buy that thing you have been eyeing for months, go buy that meal you have craving for months. SPEND MONEY, because it is your right to do so. Savings can come easily.

I hope we all find a positive balance in life. To stop, to fall apart, is something that we shall live with, so live as you win every battlefield and overcome all your limitations and restrictions.

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