DIY the Perfect Gift: Thoughtfulness Jars

DIY the Perfect Gift: Thoughtfulness Jars
(Seriously, perfect for any occasion)

Sometimes parents, guardians, aunties, uncles, grandparents- and all the other people who take care of us- can be really hard to buy for. It can be a challenge to get the perfect gift that shows how much we appreciate what they do for us. Why not give them a gift that tells them exactly why they’re so special?  Give the gift of thoughtfulness and gratitude.

You will need:

  • A jar with a lid
  • Paints, buttons, yarn, felt or other things to decorate your jar/box
  • Pretty paper (Scour the thrift store for origami paper)
  • Pens

How to do it:

Gather up all your supplies.  Decorate your jar or box with stickers, Modpodge, twine, get creative!
If you’re going to paint glass, try an enamel or acrylic paint.  Write the recipient’s name, use stencils, decoupage, the possibilities are endless.  This is really a 100% customize-able gift, which is why it’s so great.

On each sheet of paper, write a reason why you appreciate the recipient.  These could be fun memories, a quality you like, anything.

Try one of these to get you started:
“Thank you for that time when ______.”
“I love the way you ________.”
“Your _______ is my favorite thing about you!”
“I am grateful for you because ____________.”

If you’re still stuck, our friends at FTD have a great love note generator that includes sayings, quotes, and ideas for parents/guardians.

Fold up each sheet of paper and put them in the jar.  You can make as many notes as you want! (Protip: 365 is a very worthy, but lofty goal.)

It’s that simple!  Now your recipient has a jar of special memories and love that s/he can look at anytime they want to smile.

(Photo from cremedelacraft.  You can check out her “10 Things I Love about You” jar for inspiration!)

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