20 Motivational Messages that People with Disabilities Want You To Know for 2018 by YooCan

20 Motivational Messages that People with Disabilities
Want You To Know for 2018
by YooCan

Our friends at YooCan shared this blog with us and we’re sharing it with you! YooCan is the world’s #1 empowerment and community resource for people with disabilities and their families.  Check out these 20 motivating messages:

1. “I hope that in the future people will stop trying to “fix” us. We are not broken. We are just different.“ Hannah Momi, United Kingdom

2. “We are ALL warriors in a certain way, some of us have a more evident battle to fight – like a disability – than others, but at the end what is important to know is that we are not alone in this battlefield called “world”.  Ferny Ruiz, Mexico. Ferny is a motivational speaker from Mexico with Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital (AMC) and Scoliosis.

Ferny Ruiz, Mexico

3. “Life is all about how you choose to see it. So be be positive, stay strong, have persevere, and inspire each other. Anything else is just a waste of this gift we were given.” Michael Christopher, USA

4. “We should be embracing our bodies, not hiding and being embarrassed by them. Our bodies are all beautifully different and that’s what makes us all unique.” Talya Stone, Australia

5. “If you can’t stand up, stand out!” Samantha Maravilla, USA

6. “We are all so much more than our bodies and limitations and none of these things define who I AM. I am not my labels or my limits. I am me and you are you. And that is always enough.” Anna Grace Taylor, United Kingdom

7. “I dream loud, live life to the fullest and never ever ever give up. Because at the end we are all our own bosses, our own leaders. If WE don’t do it, then who else? If not now, then when? Tomorrow? Tomorrow might never come, so please get up, love yourself, and keep your head up high even on the hardest days.” Panah Ahmed, Austria, Panah is a singer/ songwriter originally from Kurdistan and now based in Vienna with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Panah Ahmed, Austria

8. “Life truly is way too short to be angry and hateful. It doesn’t matter what you are going through, fill your mind and thoughts with nothing but positivity. Always have a smile on your face and let the world know who you truly are.”  Ashley Spicer, USA

9. “Keep your head up and your heart strong!” Eric Schauvinhold, Argentina

10. It is true that being in a wheelchair is hard and difficult but that does not mean that all our dreams have collapsed. On the contrary, we must fight more and if the world does adapt to us, we will adapt to the world.“ Fanery Martinez, Colombia

11. “Challenges are made to be overcome. I would rather live a life filled with challenges, because a life with challenges is so much better than no life at all.” Kylie Schalz, USA

12. “Life does not always go as planned, but life takes you where you are destined to be. God only gives the hard situations to his strongest soldiers.” Hannah Noelle, USA

13. “Remember that your only obstacle is standing up right in front of you every time you look in a mirror.” Bianca Nordi, Argentina

14. “Each one of us should be one-of-a-kind, and according to that, I am special!” Daad Hantash, Jordan

15. “I think everyone should push themselves to achieve lofty goals and inspiring efforts, but sometimes it’s good and worthy of recognition just to accomplish the ordinary.” Jeff Hill, USA

16. “Although some may say that your dreams can be stupid or impossible, they are yours so love them and strive to comply with them!” Valentina Mendez, Chile

17. “There is light at the end of the darkest tunnels, but you can’t stop until you reach it. Go beyond your limits, don’t settle for “can’t ”, and most importantly, chase your dreams until your chair dies and then start over again.“ Jyriah Hill, USA

18. “Always keep trying no matter what; I have to train 10x more than anyone else just to be equal and even more to be better.” Pamela Ann Reynolds, USA

19. “The gap on the bed is just part of my changing body, in a whole world of changing bodies.” Kat Hawkins, United Kingdom

20. “I believe in shooting for the stars and landing on the moon. When you set a goal and work as hard as possible to achieve the goal, the feeling is amazing.”  Ben Brown,  Canada, Ben is a 28 year old Canadian based T53 wheelchair racer with a Spinal Cord Injury.


Learn more about YooCan. This blog reshared at request of YooCan. All photo credits their respective owners.

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