What Am I Doing Here Anyway? Episode 9: Branding and Being Yourself with Keasha Lee

Ep. 9: Branding and Being Yourself with Keasha Lee

The Ninth Episode of What Am I Doing Here Anyway

In this episode, Keasha Lee talks about branding, reinventing herself, personal growth, and what to do when people don’t like you. We also talk about the myths of adulthood, thinking about things in neutral, and community! 

Lindsey’s Pre-Recording Note

Keasha and I met in a business class in 2015 or so, and I was immediately drawn to her warm, confident personality. She reminds me of Tabitha Brown, and I mean that as the highest compliment. I know you’ll love her too!

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About Keasha Lee: 

Keasha Lee is a Personal Branding Coach, Messaging Mentor, Speaker, and is the Founder & President of Striking Statements, LLC. Keasha has 18 years experience in marketing, public relations, sales, copywriting, and personal branding. She’s worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and brands to define and grow a profitable niche, master their messaging, revamp their branding, and SHINE BRIGHT to attract the right customers and opportunities.

Her top values are creative self-expression, respect, grace and communication. She’s on a mission to help 25K entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches over the next 4 years make Striking Statements. Keasha believes that Striking Statements are made when you know, trust, and embody your authentic self-expression. Visit her website: https://strikingstatements.com

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