Savor the End of Summer with JANNA KING

Savor the End of Summer with JANNA KING
Seasonaires and Malibu Bluff

*Thank you to publicist Kathleen Carter (Kathleen Carter Communications) for copies of both books!*

It seems like summer flew by and school is right around the corner. Are you looking to hold onto the last bits of summer fun? Dreaming of a glamorous life on the beach?

If you have ever wondered what life might be life behind a sea of perfect Insta photos, Seasonaires and Malibu Blufare the perfect books to squeeze a little more sun out of your break!

These books contain adult themes and topics and may not be appropriate for younger readers. 


“For a twentysomething, there is no summer job better than being a seasonaire – No responsibilities, college is barely a thought, and you’re surrounded by glamorous, beautiful people. When life is this intoxicating and seemingly carefree, what could possibly go wrong?

Acclaimed screenwriting talent Janna King makes her fresh and thrilling debut with The Seasonaires. An idyllic Nantucket summer begins like a dream for scrappy Mia from South Boston; Presley, the gorgeous southern beauty queen; Cole, a handsome introvert; Jade, the sultry daughter of a model and music mogul; J.P., the energetic young designer; and Grant, the playful party-boy. These six are working as seasonaires – influential brand ambassadors – for the clothing line Lyndon Wyld. But like all things that look too good to be true, the darkness lurking underneath slowly rises to the surface.

Lyndon Wyld, the chic British tigress who owns the eponymous business, rules their daily life by curating their every move, which the seasonaires are obligated to post on social media for their growing throngs of followers. When corporate greed, professional rivalries and personal conflicts are mixed with sex, drugs, and the naiveté of youth, the results are explosive as the murder that will sully their catalog-perfect lives.”

Seasonaires reveals what *could* be going on behind-the-scenes in those beautiful, dreamy, perfect Insta feeds that make you want to pack a bag and head to the beach- even if you’re totally landlocked. It’s fantastically melodramatic and will give you pause the next time Insta-jealousy sets in!

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When you’ve devoured Seasonaires, pick up Malibu Bluff: 

“This year takes the new brand ambassadors to the West Coast, led by last season’s Mia, who has been roped back in after her mother’s death by a sweeter deal and the hope to leave her grief behind for the California sun.

Mia is thankful that she won’t have to live with another former seasonaire, Presley, who is now handling Lyndon Wyld’s public relations in Los Angeles after making a meal out of the previous summer’s tragedy. In Malibu, Mia will share a stunning modern manse with Eve, an outspoken activist; Alex, a gorgeous boundary pusher; Chase, a warm-hearted surfer; Oliver, a preppy charmer; and Brandon, the son of Lyndon’s business partner, and the young producer of the brand’s new digital channel, which will up the seasonaires’ social media game.

Malibu is the perfect playground for their antics, which serve as juicy entertainment for their growing fanbase. But detractors from Mia’s past come back to haunt her, and when the line between what’s real and what’s staged gets blurred, the results could be deadly.”

These books are fun, easy beach reads with plenty of drama, betrayal, and *gasp* murder and intrigue! King’s series pulls back the curtain on reality TV and glamorous Instagram shoots to help readers imagine what really goes on behind-the-scenes in a world where everyone is beautiful and wealthy. There’s plenty of lying, scandal, and backstabbing- and it’s all documented online for everyone to witness.

Thanks to Janna King, you can immerse yourself in some serious drama from the comfort of your own beach chair. (And hopefully, with a much kinder and more honest circle of friends!)

This book duo offers soap opera melodrama for young adults- and who doesn’t enjoy a little reality TV-esque escapism? You *could* read each book on its own, but they’re definitely better together. Grab the pair when you head to the beach for the last time!

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