Patience: My Growth Story by Imaan M.

Imaan's Growth Story
Patience: My Growth Story by Imaan M.
April is for Growth!

I am sharing my story about growth. Everyone can achieve it- it is giving time to yourself and patience. A lot of patience.

At high school or secondary school as people say in the UK, I used to get bullied by almost my whole class. They used to leave me out of things and say I was annoying straight to my face. Some would swear at me.

I can’t believe I wanted to be their friends, but now I know better. I regret giving them the satisfaction of wanting to be their friends and hanging out with the popular crowds. Even my own friends turned against me. One would say that they were my friend, the next they would say they wouldn’t want to be my friend anymore.

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I got depression and anxiety, I couldn’t sleep properly which had a negative effect on my exams. After a couple years- the time I was leaving school- I felt better.  I had gotten used to the depression and started to put my worries into symptoms of OCD. I washed my hands again and again and again. Bathroom time extended to over an hour- but I lived through it. I went to college and loved it but my OCD worsened. I used to come home and clean my earphones and phone. I wouldn’t even touch my bag because I thought it had germs. I saw- and still see- germs as anxiety.

But I am happy with what I have. I’m happy that I used to care about my bullies, but now I have let go. I don’t care about them. You shouldn’t care about your bullies. But forgive them and keep them out of your life. I have made amazing friends and finally God has given me ease from friendship problems. This is growth and everyone is capable of it.

My name is Imaan. I live in the UK and love cats as much as Asa Butterfield. I’m the biggest fan girl in my family and I can never last a day without my beloved tea. 

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