Monet’s News Roundup: 7/14-7/27

Monet’s News Roundup: 7/14-7/27
by Monet Lindstrand

Monet shares her biweekly news picks, handpicked for you. If you want to stay informed, here’s three great places to start.

  1. Why We Can’t Afford to Ignore the Killing of Oakland Teenager Nia Wilson

This article by Glamour is an opinion piece about the tragic death of Nia Wilson and the assault of her sister. The article goes on to talk about the fact that many women still face danger from individuals insistent on “keeping them in their place,” and also discusses how women of color are at an even higher risk of being attacked.

2. 12-Year-Old Girl Scout Calls Out Sexism Like a Boss

This piece talks about a young Girl Scout who, through a “letter to the editor”, called out the announcer of her town’s 4th of July parade for making a sexist comment when it came to introducing the Girl Scouts vs. the Boy Scouts.

3. Here’s What You Can Do Right Now to Stop Trump’s Proposed Domestic Gag Rule

This article from PopSugar informs readers both what Trump’s proposed Domestic Gag Rule is and how they can help prevent it from becoming a reality. The author explains that the Gag Rule is a direct assault on women’s birth control and reproductive rights, and attacks large women’s healthcare groups like Planned Parenthood.

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