Monet’s News Round Up!


Monet’s News Round Up!

Our blogger with an eye for news, Monet, shares three must-read articles from the past two weeks. Do you have articles you’d add? Tweet us @missheardmedia and share your picks.

  1. The entire justice system here is run by black women. It’s not a diversity experiment. They do things differently.

This piece by CNN is about the court system of South Fulton, Georgia, where the all 8 of the members who hold the highest court offices are black women. The article highlights the importance of people seeing diversity in judicial and governmental positions, and how they rule with honor and respect.

2. ‘He Might Change His Mind in Minutes or Hours.’ Migrant Mothers React to Trump Ending Border Separations

An issue that highly controversial is addressed in this Time article, the separation of families at the border. However, the piece focuses primarily on mother’s who are struggling to find their children, or who have had to make sacrifices, such as leaving them behind for their own safety. It is a personal and eye-opening piece that provides a look into the sad reality of the border issue.

3. The New Women of Pop Are Choosing Sisterhood Over Competition

This piece talks about how women who are in music and art careers in the past have pushed each other away, or even down, in order to get to the top, but that this tradition is changing. Women are beginning to band together and support one another, rather than bring each other down. This newfound sense of solidarity is extremely important in today’s world, especially when behind the scenes, men dominate the musical production field.

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