Making the World a Better Place with Kindness by Darshni Patel

Making the World a Better Place with Kindness
by Darshni Patel

Empathy is a fundamental facet of our humanity. There is very little else that binds us together in times of disparity and hopelessness. In a world filled with increasingly negative headlines, the aforementioned is extremely imperative to remember.

The unfortunate aspects of our humanity are constantly being photographed and headlined. It is difficult to be at ease when you are being bombarded with the knowledge of new suffering at the hands of humans or suffering of other humans. It is easy to become faint when knowing that the majority of the population will most likely never receive the comforts of life we receive. It becomes difficult to remain happy in spite of this suffering. But for others, it’s not as mind blowing.

For many, one could argue, we have become numb to headlines portraying deaths and bombings. As long as it’s not us, it doesn’t matter. Every part of being human is frustrating and complex and can overwhelm you. Do I truly care about others? Is altruism real? I don’t know. No one will ever know. In spite of that, in spite of which type of person you are, it is important to remember to care. To not become numb. All of us need help, and will need help at some point.

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For right now, we all have some power to help others. We need to defend and protect society’s vulnerable and broken. We need to help where we can. For me, particularly volunteering from time to time reminds me of the good in humanity and how much we can do for those around us. Volunteering in libraries, hospitals, soup kitchens, a charity, and so on and so forth are some fulfilling ways to spend your time. Your time is your most precious commodity. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. There’s no receiving more.

There are 1440 minutes in a day. There are 168 hours in a week. What are you doing with your time? How are you contributing to make your life, your friend’s and family’s life better? Your society? Our world? Again, difficult questions. But, there are definite steps you can take to making this planet a better place to live in. There are simple options. Regardless, you shouldn’t become numb to the suffering around you.

You should let it motivate you, drive you to do whatever you can to become a better person, to help others.

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