July Theme: Overcoming Obstacles

July Theme: Overcoming Obstacles
Self-Love Summer
Call for submissions!

Obstacles as part of self-love? What? Yep! This July, we want to celebrate the challenges and obstacles you have faced and overcome. Acknowledging and celebrating our wins is part of self-love!

Everyone faces obstacles, and sometimes, they seem so much bigger than we are. Once we get on the other side, we realize that we are capable and powerful. As we are in the midst of facing an obstacle, though, we can feel isolated and alone, struggling to keep our heads above water or fighting to stay optimistic.

An obstacle doesn’t have to be a mountain- it could be self-doubt, moving to a new town, or getting over a cold. It could be something bigger, like overcoming addiction, surviving violence, or making a major life change. We want to hear how to you faced your obstacles and dealt with them and cheer you on.

Sharing stories of struggle is just as important as sharing stories of success. It shows people that we are not alone, and that even the most accomplished of us struggles from time to time. Sharing these stories also demonstrates that we are smarter, stronger, and more resilient than we could imagine.

This July, we want to celebrate what obstacles YOU have overcome.

We invite you to share articles, interviews, personal essays, art, poetry, photography, or music- whatever format helps you tell your story on OVERCOMING OBSTACLES.

Please send your submission, along with a short, 1-2 sentence bio, and a photo (optional) to hello at missheardmedia dot com!

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