Introducing: Thriving Through the Teen Years!

Introducing: Thriving Through the Teen Years!
A Group Program for Parents!

I am a Teen Girl Whisperer. It is a super power I discovered when I was 19 and nurtured over the last decade (and a few extra years). 

I capital-G Get tween and teen girls, from their brain chemistry, to their internal conflicts, to their daily struggles, to their big dreams. And no one is a bigger or louder cheerleader for them than I am. 

Recently, I sat down and poured out allllll knowledge and experience I have from a decade of doing this work. I talked to parents and teens alike to understand their needs and wants. I researched to fill in any questions I didn’t have answered yet. 

I am proud to announce the creation of THRIVING THROUGH THE TEEN YEARS, a supportive, 8 week group program where you’ll receive community and personal, one-on-one guidance.

Do you wish you better understood your daughter and her day to day struggles so that you could support and encourage her in an effective way? 

I hear you! 

Just imagine… *cue fuzzy pink border ala Saved by the Bell*

… Your daughter comes to you with a problem she’s facing. She trusts you enough to tell you something that’s personal to her and even takes your advice!

… You’re an empowered parent who makes the best decisions to support your child. You constantly see her rise to the occasion and your heart swells with pride.

… You truly feel like you’re raising a young woman who is capable and confident, who can achieve her wildest dreams!

That’s what awaits you in THRIVING THROUGH THE TEEN YEARS!

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Inside THRIVING you’ll learn: 

  • The honest truth about the differences between our teen years and hers
  • What her brain is doing when she makes choices that confuse the heck out of you
  • How to talk about difficult topics, including s-e-x, drugs, racism, and more
  • The things all teenagers need to thrive and how to teach them
  • How to celebrate your unique relationship
  • Why caring for yourself is a necessity 

You will get: 

  • Research- and science- based lessons that address the most common issues parents and teens face in the teen years
  • Activities for you to do solo, and activities to do with your daughter
  • Group support through Facebook and Group Calls
  • A personal, one-on-one call with me

Best of all, you’ll feel supported and empowered to make the best parenting choices for your family in order to raise independent, confident daughters.

What are you waiting for?

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The investment for this transformative group experience is $497 (or two payments of $248).

As a father of 3 girls I’ve done my share of reading and Lindsey knows what she is talking about. Her seminar reinforced the things I’ve been doing well and highlighted the things I need to work on. Not to mention it was entertaining!

Matt Hinch


[Thriving] is full of very valuable resources and tips. It’s evident that Lindsey is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about empowering teens to let their voices be heard while creating platforms for them to feel more connected and understood. I feel like Lindsey extended that same level of support and understanding to me as a parent. She did a fantastic job!

Keasha Lee Ince


This was an extremely helpful opportunity provided by MissHeard Media packed full of insightful information perfectly appropriate for these challenging times during C-19. Lindsey discussed everything from brain development to boundaries + expectations, parenting styles, social media and even how to approach the conversation of sex and substances with teen girls. We felt more informed and better equipped to assist our teen moving forward thanks to this seminar. Thank you SO much for your passion and time. This truly makes a difference.

Keeley Kennahan

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