How I’m Healing from Sexual Abuse by Tiffany Riley

Healing from Sexual Abuse
by Tiffany Riley
Healthy Relationships

Why did I choose to become a sex-positive journalist/blogger while being in recovery from trauma? Good question, my friend! I will explain.

I knew that the only way to overcome trauma was to accept, forgive, respect and move on, and with the help of becoming something important, I can do that!

I was sexually abused during senior year of high school and was very ashamed. During that time in recovery, I was trying to figure myself out and what I wanted.

This past summer, I discovered masturbation. As I said in my previous post about it, masturbation has health benefits. (Why didn’t we learn about this in family life? We may never know.)

I not only wanted to become a sex positive journalist to help myself, but to help both men and women too! I also want to view sex from a Biblical & Christian standard.

If you are a sex positive blogger/journalist, please leave me some advice in the comments! 

Originally posted at TiffanyRileyOfficial, reposted on request. 

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