A Tale of Two Lindseys by Lindsey Turnbull

A Tale of Two Lindseys by Lindsey Turnbull

Oh hey, it’s me! And me!

That girl on the left is  about to graduate high school. Class of 20*cough* BAY-BEE! That girl has NO idea how she’s going to handle college, moving across the state, sharing a room, new classes, being one person in a sea of 30,000 students. She definitely had no clue how to move across the country and live alone.

Yikes. That girl, seventeen year old me, didn’t always know who she was. I struggled a lot because I didn’t know who I really was. I wasn’t comfortable expressing my boundaries, setting big goals, or being alone. I sold myself short because I didn’t know what I was capable of. I wanted to please everyone all the time and make them life me, which is exhausting. It meant being uncomfortable spending time by myself because then I had to keep myself company (yikes).

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Seventeen-year-old Lindsey was strong and resilient. She believed in justice and equality. The Lindsey on the right does too. Seventeen-year-old Lindsey never let anyone see her struggle. Grown Lindsey asks for help. Grown Lindsey is content with who she is, and loves the pleasure of her own company. She accepts that not everyone will like her- but isn’t bothered by that because she likes herself.

Learning who I am and what I stand for was not always easy. Sometimes it meant dealing with something painful from my past. Other times it meant saying goodbye to hurtful friendships. Sometimes it meant standing up for what was right, all by myself.  It wasn’t always easy, but it has always, always been worth it.

When we know who we are, we are unshakable and unstoppable. When we know who we are, right down at the core, we can DO THE THINGS that set our hearts on fire! You are unstoppable!

Your journey starts in the UNLEASH YOUR POWER ebook. This magical lil ebook is full of every question I wish someone asked me when I was 17. Questions that would’ve made me feel OK being on my own. Advice that would’ve helped me navigate new social situations. Quotes from other girls like me that would’ve inspired and affirmed me.

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