How to Avoid Homesickness by Jaynie Bentley

Back to College: 10 Ways to Avoid Homesickness
by Jaynie Bentley

Going to school out of state is definitely not easy. So here I have shared some tips and tricks I use to avoid feeling homesick.

1: Call your family at least once a week!

2:  Send a text  (or a picture of your smiling face) to a parent every day, after all, they are paying for this!

3: Make your dorm feel like home! I refuse to have empty walls, make your dorm feel as busy as it was at home

4: Find friends you truly connect with. You aren’t the only one that will feel lost away from home, find friends you’re comfortable enough with to talk about how much you miss your family.

5: Find that motherly friend! Find someone who tells you to clean your room, dress nicer, and that will braid your hair just like when you were a kid.

6: Have a similar routine! follow a routine close to the one you followed at home. Eat the same breakfast, get dressed and do your hair and makeup in the same order.

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7: Keep in touch! Stay connected with your friends from home, FaceTime them every now and then and text them to check in on how school is for them!

8: Remind yourself why you’re here. Every morning I say to myself “Once upon a time you were a little girl with big dreams that you promised you’d make real one day. Don’t disappoint yourself.” When I struggle in a class and get frustrated over the little things and want to quit I tell myself “C’mon kid, this is your dream!”

9: Stay true to yourself. Don’t change yourself to find friends in college. There is bound to be girls just like you. Stay true to your morals and never give them up just to fit in.

10: Stay on top of things. If you stay on top of homework, chores, classes, etc., you are less likely to overwhelm and frustrate yourself. (This means less mental breakdowns yay!) Do the best you can to make your life easy without stressing yourself out too much.

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