Faces of Young Women at March for Our Lives DC

Faces of Young Women at March for Our Lives DC

On March 24th, roughly 800,000+ people marched down Pennsylvania Ave in DC to protest gun violence, especially in schools. The March, organized by a group of Parkland students who survived gun violence, featured 17 student speakers in honor of the lives lost on February 14th. Those in attendance were overwhelmingly young: students from elementary school through college, families, millennials, Boomers, and plenty of veterans, hunters, Republicans, Democrats, and gun owners.

The speakers included:

  • Trevon Bosley, a 19 year old from Chicago whose brother was shot and killed
  • Edna Chavez, a 17-year-old from LA, who lost her brother, Ricardo to gun violence
  • Zion Kelly, a D.C. student whose brother was shot and killed in an attempted robbery
  • Naomi Wilder, an 11-year-old from Alexandria, spoke on behalf of all black girls and womens whose lives were lost to gun violence
  • Mya Middleton, a 16-year-old from Chicago
  • Matt Post, an 18-year-old from Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Alex King and D’Angelo McDade, both 18 year olds from Chicago
  • Matthew Soto, a 19 year old from Connecticut
  • Yolanda Renee King, MLK Jr’s 9 year old granddaughter

And Sarah Chadwick, Alex Wind, David Hogg, Jaclyn Corin, Ryan Deitsch, Aalayah Eastmond, Sam Fuentes, and an incredibly powerful Emma Gonzalez (seriously, please watch her entire 6 +min speech), all from MSD High School.

Performers included Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Vic Mensa, Common, Ariana Grande, the Stoneman Douglas drama club and choir, Ben Platt, Jennifer Hudson and the DC Choir.

It was truly impressive to see a student-led movement, that highlighted students, create such a moving moment and movement. I wanted to share just a few faces I saw at the March. Keep marching!

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