What Am I Doing Here Anyway? Episode 5: Love, Loss, and Growth with Jackie Stewart

What Am I Doing Here Anyway? Episode 5:
Love, Loss, and Growth with Jackie Stewart

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The Fifth Full Length Episode of What Am I Doing Here Anyway

In this episode, Jackie Stewart shares how a cross-country move, grief, and endless love are in “love and conflict” triangles. Jackie talks about how the loss of her mother inspired her to do the things she truly wanted in life, how she dealt with the “Seattle Freeze,” and how neither of us know what we’re doing.

Lindsey’s Pre-Recording Note

When I first got the idea to create WAIDHA podcast, Jackie was on my “must-interview” list, not just because we were in a program together in college, but also because she is warm, compassionate, smart, and incredibly loving. You’ll get nothing but a big ole audio hug when you tune into this episode.

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About Jackie Stewart:

My name is Jackie Stewart. I have 10 years of experience as a public servant, at a handful of cities and counties in Florida and Washington state. Currently I’m a Public Records Analyst, but have previously worked in Parks, Fire, Police, HR and at a group home for foster children. I have my Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Central Florida.

I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, but have lived in Seattle for almost two years now. I moved here for just a general desire for a life change. I have five nieces and nephews. Those kids have my whole heart.

In my free time I can usually be found laughing at things on TV (currently in the middle of my annual Gilmore Girls re-watch for the Fall), on the phone with my family (my nephews give me motion sickness during our video calls!), texting my best friend Jennie, or working on my Duolingo streak (Spanish and French).

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