Mark Your Calendar: PeriodCon is Coming!

PeriodCon 2019
PeriodCon is Coming!
Jan 26-27, Union Park Events, NYC

Only recently have we begun to break down the stigma of talking about menstruation. For so long, we’ve hid behind cute euphemisms: Aunt Flo’s in town! It’s that time of the month! Only recently have we begun to address how girls around the world deal with their periods, especially when it may mean leaving school. We’re just starting to understand that for many in the US, menstrual products are a luxury, unaffordable item (and in many places, they are taxed as such). We’re just coming to grips with the idea that some men and gender-non-conforming folks menstruate, and that some women don’t menstruate at all.

It’s actually pretty exciting, don’t you think?

Period. The Menstrual Movement is hosting PERIODCON this year, January 26-27, in New York City. The two day conference is geared towards youth advocates and features a resource fair, panels, and amazing keynote speakers such as Carinne Chambers, the founder and CEO of DivaCup International, Nadya Okamoto the founder and ED of PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement, Ingrid Nilsen, a gender equality activist and UN Ambassador, and Congresswoman Grace Meng. 

Panels will discuss Menstruation Around the World, Period Powerhouses (a conversation with CEOs in the ‘menstrual sphere’), Gender Inclusivity, and Changing the Norms. 

Tickets to the 2-day event include lunches, access to the vendor fair, panels, keynotes, and swag bags. Some scholarships are available, so if this sounds like the place you need to be, apply! Registration closes January 15th!

Can’t make it? Powerhouse Period founder and Harvard student Nadya has written a book: Period Power: A Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement.

Nadya and her crew cannot wait to see you!

About PERIOD: “PERIOD is a globally youth-run organization that provides and celebrates menstrual health through service, education, and advocacy. Since its founding in 2014 by Nadya Okamoto and Vincent Forand, at the age of 16, PERIOD has grown to be the largest youth-run NGO in women’s health, and one of the fastest growing ones in the United States. The PERIOD network has addressed almost 400,000 periods through product distribution to menstruators in need, and registered over 230 campus chapters at universities and high schools around the US and abroad.” From

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Nadya Okamoto – Founder & Executive Director of PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement.

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